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Fewa Lake or Fewa Taal

January 23, 2023

Fewa Lake or Fewa Taal being the second largest lake of Nepal, is one of the main attractions and most important landmarks of Pokhara. Roughly measuring up to 1.5 km by 4 km and about 47 meters deep Fewa Taal spreads across in lustrous grandeur with fish-tailed summit of Machhapuchhre (6,993m) rising grandly on the background! On a clear day one can see the sparkling reflection of the summit on the lake, creating a magnificent double image so magical that it seems almost surreal!

Numerous brightly colored wooden boats and sail boats can be seen lined up on the shore awaiting people to take them on a leisurely and mesmerizing ride around the lake.

Apart from boating and fishing, swimming is also sought as one of the recreational activities in this beautiful lake. The water is warm and pleasant but with no definite guarantee of it being clean, one has to be far from just adventurous to risk a dive!

The eastern shoreline of the lake is lined up with endless hotels, lodges, restaurants, bookshops, souvenir shops for people to pick something interesting along with them; now that could be an object, and or simply beautiful memories!